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    Ideas to discover every aspect of the world of specialty coffee, from grinding to tasting.


    Utterly incomparable

    1895 kits, exclusive from concept to design. Every detail is unique.


    Kits ideal for getting started in the world of specialty coffee, or as a special gift.


    Kits designed to let your inner barista shine. From filter coffee to latte art.


    The variety offered by the three prestigious 1895byLavazza specialty blends in the 64 g format, and the artisanal skill that goes into grinding them, are combined with the professional quality of the Carmencita Pro, with a special filter that allows you to enjoy a rich cup profile and an aromatic sensation with less bitterness.



    Three fine whole-bean creations in 64 g format, together with the ideal tools to create a perfect brew. Thanks to the professional coffee grinder and wooden measuring spoon, the taste of a truly fine coffee is further enhanced by the pleasure of small gestures that are rich in meaning.

    Coffee Ritual
    Slow Coffee
    Slow Coffee is a set of accessories dedicated to those who see filter coffee preparation as an intriguing ritual.
    The package is composed of:
    V60 Dripper
    Paper filters
    Slow Coffee: barista accessories
    Home Barista
    Home Barista is a set of accessories created for true aficionados who savour every moment of espresso coffee, from preparation to tasting.
    The package is composed of:
    Wooden filter holder
    Cleaning brush
    Home Barista professional accessories
    Gran Galà
    Three exquisite creations, different in many respects but united by the trademark excellence of 1895, along with the ideal tools to enjoy them: Gran Galà is the perfect gift box for anybody who wants to make an unforgettable foray into discovering the world of coffee.
    The package is composed of:
    125 g Avanguadia II
    125 g Encantado
    125 g Cocoa Reloaded
    Professional coffee grinder
    Coffee-measuring spoon
    The gift box for an unforgettable journey into the world of coffee
    Discovery Collection
    The Discovery Collection contains a prestigious limited edition, a surprising single origin, and a specialty blend that only the 1895 Coffee Designers could have created. A true journey through the world of the senses, through research and experimentation.
    The package is composed of:
    125 g Avanguadia II
    125 g Hypnotic Fruit
    125 g Pororoca
    A sophisticated limited collection of 1895 coffees