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     Our aroma wheel will act as your compass through the world of specialty coffees: choose a note.

    Microlot: numbered editions

    These are coffee beans that exist in limited amounts, available in numbered editions. These fine coffees are grown on plots within small, independent plantations, which have been carefully selected by our coffee designers.

    Sweet Fruit

    Avanguardia I

    Coffee beans for Espresso and Moka pots

    Thanks to the expertise of the 1895 roasters, the ripe flavours of sweet fruits are enriched and continue to develop on the palate, posing a delicious and utterly original puzzle for all the senses.

    Single Origins:
    change with the seasons

    Each single origin coffee is sourced from one specific plantation. You will find new Single Origin with every harvest season. The aromas may change, but the quality of these exquisite coffees does not.

    Sweet Fruit


    Coffee beans for Espresso and Moka pots

    Thanks to skilful roasting, every bean in this creation is like a fruit bursting with ripeness, encapsulating a rich and complete story. Savour the hint of plum in every sip.



    Coffee beans for Espresso and Moka pots

    Beans harvested by expert hands result in a coffee with a soft and seductive aroma, in which intriguing notes of chocolate and dried fruit are blended with hints of hazelnut and honey.



    Coffee beans for Filter coffee

    This creation, from prized Kenyan beans, begins with a fresh note of orange zest before moving on to a long, smooth, and delicately sweet finish.

    Specialty blends:
    the 1895 classics

    Our coffee designers have created this line of fine blends with the 1895 signature, using exquisite coffee beans from independent cooperatives, roasted individually, to result in a perfect aromatic balance with distinctive aromatic notes.

    Sweet Fruit

    Hypnotic Fruit

    Coffee beans for Espresso and Moka pots

    Let yourself be carried away by this exuberant and colourful blend. This will be intense: notes of red plum, the joy of honey and chocolate, the pleasure of almonds. Together.


    Cocoa Rebel

    Coffee beans for Espresso and Moka pots

    Chocolate is the unmistakable essence of this creation, but every sip brings new surprises as notes of spiced cinnamon and orange marmalade come to the fore.


    Petal Storm

    Coffee beans for Espresso and Moka pots

    100% Arabica from Brazil, Kenya and Ecuador: the smoothness of chocolate and coffee buds and the sun-drenched taste of orange will astound you.

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