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    A sophisticated limited collection of 1895 coffees

    Discovery Collection

    The Discovery Collection contains a prestigious limited edition, a surprising single origin, and a specialty blend that only the 1895 Coffee Designers could have created. A true journey through the world of the senses, through research and experimentation.

    The package is composed of:
    125 g Avanguadia II
    125 g Hypnotic Fruit
    125 g Pororoca

    Specially for those who want to set out on a voyage of discovery of the most exotic coffee plantations and aromas, or to give a gift that will shake up anybody’s preconceptions of coffee.

    Hypnotic Fruit, Opera Prima and Cafunè


    Avanguardia II

    A new microlot coffee with enticing notes of orange blossom, chocolate and banana. A delicate yet bold taste, dedicated to those who relish sweetness in all its nuances.

    Hypnotic Fruit

    A specialty blend with an intense bouquet of red plum, almonds, chocolate and honey. As luscious as the Brazilian, Colombian and Bolivian forests where its beans are grown.


    Fine, single-origin natural Arabica coffee beans are first carefully selected before undergoing a process of controlled fermentation and, finally, a skilful and balanced roasting, making every brew a truly intense experience.

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