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    The split second that makes all the difference

    This comes when our top-quality coffee beans, sourced from independent plantations and certified cooperatives identified and selected by us from all over the world, are skilfully roasted in Factory 1895, Italy.

    Independent plantations around the world

    Factory 1895

    Here, our Roasting Masters’ painstaking attention to detail is bolstered by the most modern innovations, to guarantee a superior-quality coffee.

    A superior-quality coffee

    Coffee Designers

    For us, being coffee designers simply means this: combining a passion for craftsmanship with a contemporary and visionary outlook.

    The passion of our Coffee Designers

    The 1895 philosophy

    To offer a fresh taste of pure pleasure, at any time and with complete ease, thanks to over 125 years of experience combined with a constant desire for innovation.

    Lavazza 1895 Coffee Cave

    The importance of origins

    You will find that each of our creations bears the unmistakable traces of its origins, as we accentuate the natural qualities of every single bean during the roasting stage.

    Finest-quality coffee

    The importance of sustainability

    Our creations are good in every sense of the word, because we respect communities and the environment by following certified ethical guidelines.

    The importance of sustainability through following certified ethical guidelines

    1895 creations

    The dedication, talent and expertise that define every aspect of the world of 1895 find expression in three main categories of creations: Microlots, Single Origin and Specialty Blends.

    The 1895 creations: Microlots, Single Origin and Specialty Blends

    The art of coffee tasting

    1895 stands not only for unique creations, but also for dedicated advice and top-quality accessories and tools, to transform every sip into a tasting experience to treasure.

    Coffee cupping kit

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